Cinematic music that inspires your imagination into an ethnic journey


Hans Timmermans way of creating and developing music in the past 25 years, has grown out to be so much more than just live performing. Although performing is a passion, the ambient ethno and mainly electronic sound that Hans Timmermans stands for can found and heard in films, dance performances, presentations, tv documentaries, cartoons, installations and openings.

Hans Timmermans creates downtempo, ambient and ethno music. He started live performing as Budha Building at his 18th. From that time on he played national and international stages giving Budha Building its current ambient ethno style.

His cinematic music style has a very broad range which is proven by the many different projects his music is used for. Focus is to enhance the sphere of the project. The main characteristics of Budha Building are that the music is purely instrumental, easy to listen to, relaxing in that way, but when used live, aimed to move the crowd.

Live performances are unique in that way, that the whole set always is sequenced and arranged live. By performing together with guest musicians, Budha Building explores new boundaries within his own music. This approach creates an energy that every time results in a creative interaction between musicians and audience. To attract more attention to his motion picture kind of music, Hans Timmermans also visualises his music by using projection techniques which are also used in his 360 video installation like Breda Rondom and Waterpoort Armanda. In his performance “What you see is what your hear”, he made interactive performance with Chladni resonance patterns combined with video and live music, On Incubate 2015 the installation from this performance could be played by the audience.

Budha_Building_Paradox_2010The some of the projects in the past years have been: Opening of the Florida (Venlo). The closing performance for 'Tilburg 200 jaar'. The city Tilburg celebrated their 200 year anniversary and decided tot end the festivities with live music performed on a stage on the water in the city centre. Budha Building also composed the music for the start of the building of 'De Rotterdam', a vertical city in the city of Rotterdam, created the music for dancetheater production 'Exit', made by Roundcorner dance company and wrote the music for Roomour dance performance from Factorium Tilburg. Live performances and albums were also made with Eric van der Westens Quadrant Extended.

Internationally Hans Timmermans has taken another approach to get his music the attention it deserves. Through a publishing deal with the New York Publisher PUMP, all his compositions of his solo performance of Budha Building where used by over a 100 American Television programs. For example, Budha Building was used during MTV The Cribs, several VH1 music documentaries , America's Next Topmodel, Making of the Band and the year-overview of Scifi channel.


Music used in U.S. Television programs

A&E, Animal planet, Bravo, Comcast, Discovery Channel, fifa, Guerilla FX, HBO, MTV, National Geographic, Nbc, Soap network, The history channel, The Travel Channel, Fit TV, TLC, Travel channel, UPN, Usa cable, VH1, WE, Weather channel.


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